Migraine is a common and distressing disorder.  It has been reported that there are approximately 2 million migraine sufferers in Australia. Although more Australians suffer from migraine than from diabetes or asthma or coronary heart disease, migraine is often undiagnosed and untreated1.

Identifying the triggers for a migraine can be difficult and keeping a “headache diary” is often a helpful way to identify factors that contribute to the migraine.  Common triggers appear to be stress, lack of sleep, skipping meals, smoking and various foods and wine.

If you experience regular migraines, it may be appropriate to consider preventative medication to reduce the frequency and severity of your symptoms.  Recent studies have researched the use of high-dose riboflavin (vitamin B2) in the prevention of migraine. These studies suggest that at least 59% of patients experience an improvement in the frequency and duration of their migraine symptoms2.  Improvement in migraine frequency and severity appears to be reported to be at least 68%3.

Riboflavin capsules and Migraine Plus capsules (B2, P5P, Folinic acid, Methyl B12) are available from My Life My Health Compounding. A prescription from your doctor is not required however we encourage each individual patient to contact our pharmacists on 1300 667 827 to discuss their unique needs.

Early treatment of a migraine attack is important.  In addition to pain relief that is available on the market, My Life My Health Compounding is able to compound migraine medication that has been discontinued.  For more information about compounded options for migraine, please ask our pharmacists if you would like more information.

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