Paediatric Compounding

The truth is, there is nothing fun about being sick. And sometimes, having to take medication just makes it worse!

While we can’t guarantee that taking medicine will become an entirely pleasurable experience for your child, there are certainly many ways that compounding can help.

Flavoured Medication

Dozens of flavours are available to compounding pharmacists. From tutti-frutti to bubblegum, orange or chocolate or even cola flavour, we can help to mask the taste of medications with your child’s favourite flavour!

Unique dosage forms

Many children have a difficult time swallowing capsules or tablets, especially if they have to take more than one medication during the day. Working with your doctor, our compounding pharmacists are able to offer some unique dosage forms that may be easier to swallow! Examples include lollipops, ice blocks, lozenges, syrups and suspensions. It may also be possible to deliver the medication through the skin in a transdermal gel.

Different Strengths

Each child varies in size and weight and as a result it can be difficult to find a commercially available medication that provides an appropriate dose for your child. Compounding allows us to formulate a product that provides the exact dose needed for your child.

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