Pain Management

Pain is one of the most common symptoms for which people seek medical help. It can take the form of headaches, arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscles strained from sports activities or the result of an injury. Acute pain can often evolve into chronic pain, which can be difficult to treat. For many patients, chronic pain is something they live with on a daily basis.

Commonly prescribed medications for pain relief can cause unwanted side effects. By delivering the medication in a transdermal cream, directly to the affected nerves or muscles, compounded products can provide effective pain relief while minimising side effects.

Here at My Life My Health Compounding we have certainly seen some very exciting results using transdermal treatment, with one patient even being able to stop taking morphine for pain relief after using her tailor made cream.

Depending on the pain, other dosage forms such as sprays, flavoured troches or tailor made capsules may be of benefit for you.

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