Sea Sickness

It has been suggested that up to 90% of people will suffer from sea sickness at some stage in their lives.  Drowsiness is often the first sign of sea sickness and sweating, nausea and vomiting often follow.

For those that have experienced the distressing symptoms of seasickness, there is now another option to prevent and control your symptoms.  The compounding pharmacists at My Life My Health Compounding have developed a “Sea Sickness Transdermal Cream”.

There is no longer a need to take tablets! This unique dosage form delivers the medication in a convenient pump applicator.  To use the pump, simply rub the cream onto your inner wrists.  The big advantage of this dosage form is that the medication is absorbed very quickly, so you don’t have to remember to take tablets hours before you go boating.  It is also a huge plus for people that are too sick to keep a tablet down!

The “Sea Sickness Transdermal” can be made for children and adults and the pharmacists at My Life My Health Compounding are happy to discuss the appropriateness of this medication for you.

Don’t let sea sickness ruin your day!

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