ReceptionWe are an Integrative and Metabolic Medical Practice centrally located on the ground floor at 155-157 Wickham Tce. You will experience a warm, friendly environment with a team approach to patient care.

We recognise the critical role the practitioner-patient relationship plays in a patient's overall healthcare experience. We take into account the many interrelated physical and nonphysical factors that affect health, wellness and disease.

Our focus is to improve the body's functioning. We do this using nutritional methods based on knowledge gained in molecular biology and biochemistry, and supported by published medical studies.  We believe in combining functional medicine and nutrition with conventional medical science to analyse and correct the causes of imbalance in the body.

If you would like to feel supported in your health care, come in and talk to one of the My Life My Health team. Our staff are friendly and extremely knowledgeable and include Integrative Doctors, Compounding Pharmacists, Laboratory Technicians, our Customer service team and our Chef and Barista.