Des Harp

Des HarpEducation: Bachelor of Pharmacy, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane (2008) (Hons). Bachelor of Chemistry, Curtin University of Technology, Perth WA (2000). Qualified Chef, Certification of Nutrition, Primary training ACNEM


Des is the owner of My Life My Health | Medical | Compounding | My Keto Hub| My Keto Clinic and was drawn to compounding from his previous careers as a chef and industrial chemist where formulating plays a big role in both food science and pharmaceutics to obtain the highest quality product.  Des’ professional interests are in the areas of functional medicine and its relationship to good health through balancing hormones, improving liver detoxification and the newly emerging area of nutrigenomics. He is interested in how specific supplements can improve a persons biochemistry. Des attends regular conferences both nationally and internationally that focus on the latest evidence supporting Integrative Nutritional Metabolic Medicine and he is also active in the Integrative Medicine community.

He is passionate about educating people on the importance of incorporating proper diet, lifestyle and appropriate nutrient supplementation as part of overall health.

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